Saturday, September 11, 2010

craft fair FAIL

So I made tons of items for this craft fair. I handmade price tags, bags, signs. I was really happy with everything i did.

the day came .Toby woke up late and we didn't leave until 7:30. Then there was a road closer so we had to go a different way. we got into Temprance at about 8:20 but we were hungry so we so we didn't get to the church until like 8:50. We didn't know how to set up our canopy, we had to get tons of help with that. My table was to small for all my items. We forgot our chairs so we had to get some from a friend.

I only had three sales all day and two of them were to people I knew. I didn't even make the 10$ back from the cover fee. so i lost money being there. from gas, cover fee, and not just working the day. Then it started raining and what ever people that might have been look where scared away. then i got my fingers smashed trying to take the canopy down.

i'm not even sure if i want to try to do another craft fair again. i mean if this is how its going to be every time then its not fun. not that many people came.l I was most upset that nobody from my family came, not a one. and everyone in jessicas family came. heck they helped her sell.

so to be such a downer, but i just need to get this off my chest.
sign i made and t-shirt i wore

small table


deltapurl said...

I have had bad craft fair experiences too. Next time will be better

that1girl said...

i hope so

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