Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bad swapper Bad

I'm so upset that i sent all this to my swap partner. because she so flaked on me. she is trying to delete her craftster page. she deleted her blog and i didn't have her email address. but i was set up with a swap angel. i just wish i could send this package to the angel. i'll have to make something small for that person

this is my swap package to [b]yellowducke101[/b]

I like to craft and make and send tons of stuff to my swap partners
all this for under 20$

duck stickers
magent ruler
baking stickers
super star stickers
lots of embroidery floss
little book of scrapbook ideas

bear stamps
a notebook

flower headban
feather headband
jo-anns shopping bag
fingerless gloves
ribbon bangle

winter stickers

ok thats all


deltapurl said...

I always get gypped on swaps through ravelry.

that1girl said...

yea, it never happens on ravelry, but all the time on craftser

Kreative's Krafts said...

I haven't tried a swap yet but this makes me a little hesitant to try now...

You had a lot of great stuff in that swap.

that1girl said...

yea it happens sometimes, but never lose hope in swapping.

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