Saturday, May 1, 2010

24/50 projects

1. [s] sew blanket for my mom[/s] [url=]march[/url]

2. crochet cookie change purse

3. crochet a granny square skirt

4. make a pair of fingerless glove just for me

5. crochet a blanket using different squares

6. [s] pizza earrings and stitch markers[/s] [url=]march[/url]

7. [s] heart buttons[/s] [url=]march[/url]

8. [s] cupcake purse pink [/s] [url=]march[/url]

9. [s] cupcake purse blue[/s] [url=]march[/url]

10. [s] chunky cowl[/s] [url=]march[/url]

11. [s] couple with food[/s] [url=]march[/url]

12. [s] cat toy[/s] [url=]april[/url]

13. [s] totes [/s] [url=]april[/url]

14. [s] purple flower vine[/s] [url=]april[/url]

15.[s] mugs[/s] [url=]april[/url]

16. [s] bowl of ice cream[/s] [url=]april[/url]

17. [s] burger[/s] [url=]april[/url]

18. [s] salad [/s] [url=]april[/url]

19.[s]blt with cheese[/s] [url=]april[/url]

20. [s] Baby booties[/s] [url=]april[/url]

21. [s] Baby hat [/s] [url=]april[/url]

22. [s] Pink flower vine [/s] [url=]april[/url]

23. [s] white flower vine[/s] [url=]april[/url]

24 [s] ice cream cake charms[/s] [url=]april[/url]

25. [s] ice cream cone charms [/s] [url=]april[/url]

26. [s] ice cream sandwiches charms[/s] [url=]april[/url]

27. [s] ice cream sundaes [/s] [url=]april[/url]

28. [s] Barbie bride [/s] [url=]april[/url]

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