Monday, April 28, 2008

I woke up depressed today. Knitting and watching t.v took my mind off of everything for the time being. I took a short nap, and was feeling a lot better. but as soon as i was about to go into work the depressing hit me again. So i got a nice iced coffee. I was bouncing off the walls, my mind couldnt stay on one thing, I was trying to be superwoman all over the place. Within a few hours of the coffee high going away. I became mentaly and emotional numb. But i had a job to do so I had to fake smiles and caring. By the last customer of the day i was done. I wanted to yell and kick them out of the store (coming in two minutes before were closing and eatting inside). The angry went away and the numbness stayed. Then I started thinking again, and with that crying. Now i just want to sleep and not get up.


tru2me said...

I'm sorry to hear your feeling blue. I hope you feel better!

Reflection said...

Hope you feel better soon.

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