Monday, March 24, 2008

i'm not going to write you a love song

exercise:taobo cardio 10 minutes
yesterday was a bad diet day.
I ate cake,pie,milk shake, fries.
I didn't exercise.
update pics

less zits, a little less oily. I don't know if it was cutting out the dairy or the dieting.

I've maintained weight and measurements. I guess this is where i want to be. but i dont feel fit. just better about my appearance.

I mean i might be buying shorts this year, i dont know if i'll still want to wear them when the time comes. I dont like to show my body out in public. part fear, part childhood scars, part not looking as good as others.


my little sister has been held in the hospital and is going to get induced on Friday but i have to work the whole weekend. shes a little disappointed that i wont be there.

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Reflection said...

We all tend to over indulge sometime. But WOW you look fabulous. Glad to read your sis is getting help.

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