Sunday, March 2, 2008

exercise: 20 minute walk with the dog

B~ banana, granola (apple cinnamon)
S~ thin mints, caramel delites
L~ chik'n sandwhich (w/ tomato,mushroom, onion), green giant carrot and brocoli garlic and herb
D~ vegan griller W/ mushrooms, tatter tots
S~yogurt W/ fresh strawberries,and granola, apple juice

30 inch waist
37 1/2 inch hips
22 inche thighs
128 pounds

In the begining







Today was girl scout cookie day. I ordered them before my diet. So i put them into little bags so that i dont eat them all at once.


Knitting :I want to knit a new purse next. as a part of craftster forum. im doing the purse with out a patern challenge. I have a month to get it done.


Hair: My scalp is really tender right now so im not going to do anything but a puf right now.


Reflection said...

Aww look at the puppy!! You go ahead lady with your bad self. You can see the difference in each poses. My cookies were drop off a minute ago. After eating 11 shortbread cookie from the pack, put away after reading this post. Must resist don't eat anymore today.

that1girl said...

yea he looks cute in pictures he loves them.

lol i know i was about to eat a whole box, so i shared half of each box and split up mines.

thank you :D

that1girl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sweetnes said...

Wow, your pics are awesome. You are totally progressing.

I'm so jealous about the Girl Scout cookies :( If I had a whole box of Thin Mints or Caramel Delights, man...those jokers would be extinct in 3 days tops. LOL!

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