Tuesday, March 11, 2008

baby your the one

I didnt exercise this weekend. And I ate frozen non-fat yogurt.

but the baby shower was cute. I started an hour and a half late. I got to meet my niece for the first time
roy and hailey
you can see more picutes in my fotki<---

but my little sister kayla is getting worse. My mother had the have her taken away.she is a very angry girl, she went into the bathroom with a knife and screamed in pain. my mother call the cop/hospital. they put her into a rescue center,for troubled teens for two days. Now she has monthly anger management meetings. i think she needs a bit more.

treadmill 10 minutes
lunges (all kinds)
weight and ball exercises


I got a new lip piercing

its new, and i dont know if i want to keep it or not. I sometimes gets stuck on my teeth, but that might change once its healed


Reflection said...

I glad you were able to spend time with the family. Your neice is a cutie. I wish your lil sister much success with getting her angry undercontrol. I'll say a prayer for her to overcome what every she's going thru.

that1girl said...

yea,but that little girl doesnt listen and her young mother doesnt seem to enjoy motherhood yet.

yes I hope kayla can get better this year.

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