Sunday, January 6, 2008

first blog

Hi i'm dominique 21.

Im about 132 pounds I only want to lose my belly fat, back rolls,jiggly arms, and large thighs. Im not trying to get down to 110 pounds. just look a litle better, and maybe not pop and crack so much. Im a vegetarian, with a dairy issue. I eat tons of junk food, lots of pop and juice .

I'm trying to improve my eatting habbits and my activity level. I just cant do the diet thats on my page, i dont cook like that. today I used my crock pot for the frist time to make chilli. It just got done so i will have to wait til lunch tomorrow to try it out.

1/5 I walk/ quick walked 2.0-4.0 I did a mile in about 22 minutes . i also did the stair machine for only 5minutes. i walked the dog for about 20 minutes. I ate my chilli, about two bowls. a bowl of special k, a banana. and some chipotle, two sides of rice and tomato salsa. oh yea and a some bread.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ today I feel sore so Ionly walked the dog for 10 minutes. And i have to work for 8 hours at chipotle. i'm eatting one bowl of chilli, and a banana. I'm going to eat special k. and a veggie bowl at work today. I work to work out tomorrow

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Reflection said...

Hi.Welcome! You are off to a great start. Looking forward to reading, gettting ideas and exchanging. I'm NappCatcher on nappturality but Reflection on here.

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