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I  haven't check my blog in a couple of months. I come back and all my pictures are not showing up, not sure why.

So i switched kmart to the one thats closer to where i live now. Two weeks after I find out that the store will be closing . So i have been looking for jobs, i hate filling out apps and going on interviews hate it. I think that i will go back to my old store if I can.

I have been taking the bus every week to get groceries and I always go to the Jo-anns and look around . I feel semi independent being able to get around by myself. I still hate and fear driving.


Things that I might want to try

the maybe pile
~ valance for craft room
pin board
~find the perfect low carb bread recipe for partner
things I have in ravelry that I wanted to make
~ {started, put it down for a week and couldn't figure out were I was so I ripped it, new to restart}
~ (make a rug, need bulky yarn)

2014 Sewing Challenge
Jan – Skirt
Feb – short sleeve knit top
March – pjs (pants, night dress)
April –short sleeve woven blouse or shirt
May -- summer item (shorts, capris, swim suit, halter top, summer skirt)
June – dress
July – Pants (with details, fitted pants, jeans)
August – jacket; winter coat
Sept -- long sleeve top (any fabric)
Oct – a dress, or other outfit, for the holidays
Nov – underwear—slip, panties; (underwear)—bra, camisole, or several easy items (like a slip)
Dec – Your choice: an item for charity, a tote bag, Christmas gifts, Christmas gift bags, gifts, one item from previous months you want to make again; WIPs


1.       Cowl

2.       Blanket

3.       Bread fail

4.       Bags

5.       Biscuits

6.       Shorts/underwear

7.       Knee highs

8.       Scarf

9.       Gloves

10.   Tunic Fail

11.   Fabric boxes

12.   Pacifier clip
13.   Memo board

14.   Baby pillow

15.   Quilt

16.   Skirt

17.   Bbq sauce

18.   Wool-eater
19.   Pointed hat

20.   jacket


Green Day by Mari Muinonen / tikru 
AfterThought Heel Socks by Laura Linneman
Breda's Cowl by Maura Kirk 

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