Sunday, February 16, 2014


nothing much happening

I used wool-ease, i think that it is quickly becoming one of my favorite yarns. Its easy to get if i run out, i can get it on sale more of the time for 2.00- 3.00$ . its washable which is great because im a messing gal. This took three balls and about a yard of a fourth

Its a pretty quick knit. could have got it done faster if it was my only project. If i make it again i would make it a little longer, and maybe an inch wider.

no pattern
wanted to use up the last of this yarn, so its a matching set


For valentines day. I was given candy, a card, and a jo-anns gift card !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


wool eater blanket
I picked up items with my gift card. i plan on also making a skirt later.

cross stitch
I have tons of floss but none of it matched the pattern. plus i didnt love the original colors anyways. i need to buy more fabric.

I wanted to get this kit but it cost 60$

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