Thursday, October 3, 2013


im saving up for the cyber Monday sale at knit picks. and in order to make room for all this new yarn im trying to use up all the half skeins and scraps laying around.

I do not want to make another blanket oh no.
so far I have found mini hats, mittens, and other ornaments there great for the scraps.

for the half skeins im making hats. I love a good scrappy hat. im trying to keep like colors and weights of yarn together. keeping like fibers is not as easy, seeing the fact that I love all of them. so the hats will be cotton, wool, acyclic blends. trying to keep this simple and mindless knitting/crochet.

a hat I finished yesterday

pattern - based on version of the wurm pattern
yarn- wool ease, comfy, cascade 220
needle size- 7
I did different joins seeing which one I like more . don't know the names of the joins im sure you can look it up .
I casted on 86. 1x1 rib for about an 1 1/2. changed color knit for four rounds. changed to black knit one round while increasing around, purled one round, knit one, purled one. changed to color knit four. black k,p,k,p. I did that until I had about six inches. then I started decreasing every other round
easy right
im also working on mini hats right now im using up some of my gifted yarns and scraps
still working on the crochet covered ornaments.
im also doing a few craft shows around town. still haven't made any money. online or in person.
my last set up

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