Sunday, October 27, 2013

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scrap headband
I cut stripes and sewed short ones together. wooo a lot of work for little pay. after I made these I tossed out all my scraps to make room in my fabric boxes. I got rid of any scrap that was smaller then 6x6 or strip that wasn't at least 2x6 inches. im not into quilting all that much so I don't need all that stuff.
after tossing those scraps I went cleaning crazy. I tossed out, or put things into a donate box. I cleaned up my craft closet. I even got one tote box emptied. then I did my clothes , and the rest of the room now I have a bunch of boxes in my way until I get to the goodwill.

Modified Army Gloves by Selyn Birnbaum
I had to remake these because I ran out of the first yarn half way though. I don't really like the way they turned out. the fingers are tight and the hand is loose. So I just went to the store and brought him some plain gloves.

no pattern
Patons North America Classic Wool Worsted , knit picks swish, knit picks full circle, random thift shop yarn
I really don't know why I have so much green yarn. I still have some left after making this hat. so I'm going to make a simpler one later. color work kinda . 

no pattern
I got the yarn last year a fiber fest that I today. but I have no money and don't really need to go anyways. I must have saved up a lot for that fest because I looked at the tag for this yarn 19$ for 198 yard of worsted. goodness I was not going to make something for someone else with this stuff . so I will be working on my mittens and scarf later

theres a pattern but I don't want t bring shame to its name
I messed this one up like crazy. its to big, too frumpy, I think I put pieces in wrong. its just a big mess. 
pink beanie
Mindless Scarf by Knotted by Nicole
Calorimetry by Kathryn Schoendorf
and what ever I randomly start this week

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