Sunday, July 14, 2013



made with 
on size 8 needles

upcycled cotton sweater
G hook
made for my mom

quilting cotton
size medium going into size small for the waist

Beanie Brim Cap by Hannah Levine
I hook
made for a co-worker, just waiting to get paid for it

Soldier by Afya Ibomu
H,I hook
also made for same person

Zig Zag Mitts by Kat Goldin
5 needle
made as part of a KAL to knit patterns with less then 15 projects made

Babette Blanket by Kathy Merrick
GHI hook
made with yarn that was given to me

quilting cotton
size small
the top is very puffy and the bottom is a little tight, the side zipper is kinda ugly. I need to buy and learn how to install invisible zippers.
Terribly Simple by Caitlin ffrench
size 4 needles
Knit Picks Palette  Kool-Aid dyed yarn, and tomato colored
Émilien by Ariane Caron-Lacoste

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