Friday, November 25, 2011


I'm not sure if i want to make items for all the little in my family. that's a lot of kids i only see once a year. so i guess we'll see sometimes its just fun making kids items.

so here's somethings I've made

paisley coaster set. i used some kind of paint stuff, called slick . it says its dimensional fabric paint oppps lets hope it doesn't peel off. the coasters are really tiles. i got them at the reuse center its a part hardware store part thrift shop.  i just copied off pictures of the design i saw online.

if there is a way to take pictures of these i haven't found it. they are glass ornements with glitter paint. with snowflakes, iciles swirls, bows.

stitch markers. used eyepins, because i didnt have the ones with the flat bottoms.


im working on for my big project the ishbel shawl with rainbow colored yarn.
still thinking of what i can do with my gingerbreadman fabric. maybe a tree skirt make my tree all pretty or would the cats just mess with the tree even more if i do that. they do love looking under things. maybe a nice cheesy apron. or a skirt but would i really wear it? i could do a blanket just for decoration for the couch or something.

oh man i still have a half finshed quilt for the summer that i should work on.

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I craft, I like making non useful items. And can't work on big projects without making ten items in between