Friday, July 17, 2009

art fair

"you can't smoke in the middle of this crowd"
"why not"
"because you might make these people upset"
"while their kids, little dogs, nasty smells and ugly hair is upsetting to me"

lol, yea

ok so we ate a whole pizza before leaving the house. maybe not the best idea. then we went up to the mall to get on the air fair bus. there was no parking space on one whole side of the mall. so we had to walk thought the place with our bookbag on. i never notice or care if people are staring at me/ following me. they most think im pretty kick butt if they want to spend so much time looking at me right.

well we get out our bus fair 2.50, then the lady at the desk looked all confused and gave me back change "it's only 1.20"her "ok"me me all confused. i wasn't going to fight it. then the same thing happened to toby. "what happened there" me "she thinks where 16 or something" toby . sweet looking young has it benifits sometimes. but not when creppy old guys hit on you. the bus was so crowded that people had to stand.

the whole time all toby wanted was to see this magic act George Tait . so we walked around and found a place to get some sunblock yay and i got a snack. don't you ever just feel like eatting because other people are eatting. so we walked around and looked at things, looking is free touching will cost you. i really wanted alot of things, but just couldn't buy any.

so about two hours into this, i was like oh that doesn't feel good. then we got to the gay book store. and it was not good. thats when the sickness started. but i didn't want toby to miss the act so we stayed. Got on the link and we had to stand. i hate standing, i get motion sickness just by being in a moving car for to long. So we see the show. he wasn't that great but it was still fun.

then we went to ben and jerry's i had a cookie cookie sunday with chunky monkey. sooooo good, but should i have had the ice cream no. im lactose intolerane. so after that i got stomace pains, a headache, i was all around messed up. so we had to go home. i really wanted to stick around but it wasn't going to happen.

when i got home i went right to sleep

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