Thursday, May 22, 2008

please leave all overcoats,cane and tophats with the doorman ....

exercise~ we've been biking, walking in parks, and playing tennis.
weight~ I haven't gained or lost anything

I'm 22 my birthday was on may 17th.

We were going to go to cedar point for my birthday but plans changed. Maria (Toby's mom who we live with ) lost her 40,000$ a year job. So we now have to help her out extremely until she can get a new job. But now shes on state aid so the job can't pay that much. because I couldn't even get aid and i only make 12,000$ a year.

I went on vacation but didn't really go anywhere. But i knit alot

We went to the Panic at the Disco concert.
I dressed my best, but i didn't want to look to over done because, no one can really see you in the dark.

anywho, we were getting ready to leave when maria's friend Sara, says got tickets, map, phone,ids. We were about to forget the tickets and map,lol. It was a 30 minute drive up to Detroit. We left a little late so that we wouldn't have to listen to, too many opening bands.

We got there and the guards made Toby empty out his pockets,while the girls talked to me.

Girl : ooooh your hair is cute, who did it
Me: I did it
Girl: that's nice, look at that (to her friend)
Me: thank you
Girl: where did you get it from
Me: what?
Girl: the weave
Me: Its my real hair
Girl: oh

So we get in there just in time to see The Hush Sound. We got in back of these teeny boppers. they were texting the whole time, i'm trying to enjoy. Toby goes out and smokes. I go to the restroom come out and try to seat on the Menes side. An this guard yells at me and tells me to get over to my side. How much sex goes on in the restroom that they need someone to babysit.

We get back to our spots and were about to see Motion City Soundtrack And this little Blondie girl gets less then six feet in front of me, joining her friends. then she starts swinging her hair im my face. Toby just pulled me over in front of him. Finlay they went to get tee's and left the one girl. We took there spot. the girl was siting on the floor, so i got right next to her and started dancing, lol.

Once panic came on at 10pm. Toby wanted to get to the front. There show wasnt as great as there last tour . But the first couple of song we inched our way to the front. We were three rows away from the stage. And that is when i realized ryan is the hot one in the group,in person, maybe not in photos as much. The screaming girls made my ears ring

after the show toby went to get beers. I opted out of that ,he said he wanted to see what it felt like to be drunk. he didnt like it at all, so we just went to sleep

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tru2me said...

sounds like it was a decent time. I hope things get better for his mom soon!

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