Thursday, January 31, 2008

pigging out

I may not be able to see the weight loss but my body knows.
this is what i used to eat at work
three tacos, 1 small quesidia, bag of chips, small pop
today i tried to eat the same meal, but this is what i ate
2 tacos,1 quesidia,less then half a bag of chips and water
and the whole rest of the night i was sick from eatting that amount of food.

So my body cant take in as much as it used to which is good. but now im sick. And i think that my lactose intolerance is getting worse.

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NuBeing said...

Hi Dominique,

I love your page...sometimes i just check it out to listen to the Keep up the good work sis! I'm a fellow veg here and L word fan!


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